Creative Development

Bring you are creative ideas to life.

Post-Production | Editing

From full length documentaries to youtube vlogs we can edit in a style that suits your product or brand.

Professional photography

We offer professional photography services that help you display your business, brand product or service in it's best light. 

Vlog Creation

From conception through to upload, We’ve worked with top action sports Yourtubers and our content has been enjoyed by millions.

Product Videos

You've put your heart and soul into creating a brand, product or service and It now needs to be shown off to the world. We put our hearts and souls into creating content that channels your intended vibes and blasts them into the eyes of your audience.

Web design

We now live in two worlds, Earth and Online. However if you're the brick and mortar type, the prospect of making a website can be either daunting or just your idea or a big waste of valuable time. Here's where we can help.

Motion graphics and logo animation

Jealous of those cool moving logos or that dynamic text that follows objects on screen in other peoples videos? Well now you can have them.

Our Clients

Our Valued Partners


Reedin Kites

Kiteboarding Brand

World champion kiteboarder Kevin Langere and the best kite designer in the industry came together to create an exciting new brand and product line. I was hired to direct, film and edit the brand and product launch videos.


Takoon Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding Brand

French brand Takoon Kiteboarding approached us after we had done some work with them in 2018 to create a short action video featuring two of their professional athletes. Takoon goal was to highlight the fact that their products were capable of excelling in the extreme conditions of Cape Town, South Africa. Along with the filming and edit of the video short, we also conducted a short photoshoot displaying the product in the gale force winds for which it was designed. These shots would go on be used for ads and website banners.


Kevin Langeree

Professional Kiteboarder

Kevin Langeree is a world champion kiteboarder and three time Redbull King of the Air winner. Kevin has by far the largest social media reach and the most popular kiteboarding vlog on YouTube. In January we came onboard to help up the production quality by introducing new 4k camera angles and professional editing for his series called KEVVLOG. Check out some episodes below.


Wind Voyager

Luxury Charter Yachts

Wind voyager is a luxury charter company that specializes in action sports getaways. We've worked with Wind Voyager in many ways from managing their social media to creating unique video and photography content.


Carolina Brewery

National Brewery

Carolina Brewery is a beer brewery and restaurant/pub located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with an additional location in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Carolina Brewery has drawn international attention for its handcrafted beers.



Kiteboarding Brand

Slingshot sports has been involved in the watersports industry since the late 90s. Now they have become one of the top kiteboarding and wakeboarding brands on the market.

REAL Watersports logo.png

REAL Watersports

Watersports Retailer and School

Founded in 2001, REAL has become the number one kiteboarding and surfing shop, lesson centre and destination in the world.

Watermens Retreat

Watersports Accommodations, Cape Hatteras, NC

Watermen's Retreat is a waterfront resort located in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina featuring a range of luxury options with incredible views.

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